Stock prediction in 50 lines of code or less


const array = require('lodash/array');
        const { MKT } = require('@mkt-eg/mkt')

        const MKT = new MKT('bbbc22c3a13c74456a6d4bb7ba5745476ebfdc81c867fc240258122b78eb6a6f')
          sympolPrice: 'true',
          e: 'CCCAGG',
          fsym: 'BTC',
          tsyms: 'USD',
          type: 'single',
          aggregate: '1',
          aggregatePredictableTimePeriods: true,
          limit: 30,
          allData: 'false',
          extraParams: 'NotAvailable',
          sign: 'false',
          apiType: 'day'
        const data = JSON.stringify(
        const options = {
        chunkSize:5,// split data into 5 series array
        forcastList:array.chunk(rawData,5)[3], // Get The last series from data.
        steps:30, // predicit the next 30 days
        NNOptions: {
              inputSize: 4,
              hiddenLayers: [4,4],
              outputSize: 4,
              learningRate: 0.01,
              decayRate: 0.999,
              iterations: 20000,    // the maximum times to iterate the training data --> number greater than 0
              errorThresh: 0.005,   // the acceptable error percentage from training data --> number between 0 and 1
              log: true,           // true to use console.log, when a function is supplied it is used --> Either true or a function
              logPeriod: 10,        // iterations between logging out --> number greater than 0
              learningRate: 0.3,    // scales with delta to effect training rate --> number between 0 and 1
              momentum: 0.1,        // scales with next layer's change value --> number between 0 and 1
              callback: null,       // a periodic call back that can be triggered while training --> null or function
              callbackPeriod: 10,   // the number of iterations through the training data between callback calls --> number greater than 0
              timeout: Infinity     // the max number of milliseconds to train for --> number greater than 0




  • npm
            $  npm i @mkt-eg/mkt

Exchange Price Service

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Natural language processing

31 News Provider, where you can simulate human feelings in the markets

Stock prediction

This Project is built with Tensorflow.js core , 14 sec stock prediction , 3 lines of code


Encrypt your predictions and save it. No one can get to your models !


There will be a specific version of the front end to make the experience easier for web developers

Custom plugins

The library will support the plugins from the developers and will create a library for all models and their results to be presented to the public

Read our documentation for advanced customization




  • Stock prediction using predict function
  • Fix Bugs
  • add brain.js lab


  • Historical OHLCV Module
  • Fix Bugs
  • First contributor (He just removes node_modules) 🤣


  • Price Change module
  • fix bugs